“What helps luck is a habit of watching for opportunities, of having a patient but restless mind, of sacrificing one’s ease or vanity, or uniting a love of detail to foresight, and of passing through hard times bravely and cheerfully.”  – Victor Cherbuliez

So much of daily human thought is dedicated to thinking about and planning for the future, yet there’s very little discussion in popular culture on how to better understand and improve the process. Great foresight is a distinguishing quality in almost any successful businessperson, leader and artist. The ability to engage in and shape future events is a very powerful thing.

This blog intends to explore the role of foresight in our lives, to identify the use of foresight in our culture and to share a method we’ve developed to improve foresight.

Some of our entries will be observational, tying in current events with our understanding of foresight; some will be nuggets of insight we’ve gleaned from great thinkers. Please check out recent entries below, organized by topic.

We invite you to leave comments, so that together we can start a dialogue.

Literary, History & Biography

The Extraordinary Eleanor Roosevelt

Matilda, the First Queen of England

Cyrus the Great, Leadership, and the Importance of Foresight

George Sand, Gustave Flaubert, Mature Relationships and Foresight

The Last Great Emperors of the Roman Empire, Justinian and Theodora and the Dark Ages

Catherine the Great, Women as Leaders, Child Raising and Foresight

Captain William Bligh, His Wife, Mutiny and Foresight

Ben Franklin, His Son, the American Revolution, France and Foresight

In Praise of Older Women, Mentors and Advisors

Influence, Margaret Thatcher, the Cold War and Foresight

Will Rogers, Congress, Statesmanship and Media Influence

Nabokov on Becoming a Good Reader

This Was Their Finest Hour, These Are Times That Try Men’s Souls, Can We All Get Along?

Health, Nutrition & Longevity

The Cheese Paradox and Happy Hormones

Happiness, Status and Your Immune System

Longevity, Loma Linda, Okinawa Diet, Goya, Hayflick Limit

Your Brain on Coconut Oil, and a Healthy Diet, Dr. Mary Newport

Stress and Happiness

The Secret Lives of Lobsters, Bowhead Whales and Longevity

My Aunt was Right, but would she approve of Poutine?

Quality of Life, Relationships & Psychology

Our Sensory Switchboards and How Our Initial Response is Often Unreliable

How reliable is your intuition? What unconscious biases influence your intuition?

Relationships in the Future

Outsmarting Our Desires: the Marshmallow Experiment & Delayed Gratification

Why can’t we predict our happiness?

Breaking the Habit Loop and the Four Step Method of Foresight Improvement

Sailboats, Donkeys and Household Duties in the First Week of Marriage

Practicing Laughter and Norman Cousins

What is Life?, Erwin Shrodinger, Consciousness and Problem Analysis

The Talent Myth

The Ulysses Contract: Tango and Our Future Selves

Story Power and Social Aptitude

Love and Laughter: The Role if Humor in Relationships

Brain, Memory & Science

The Female Brain, the Male Brain, Hormones and Relationships

Thinking Fast and Slow, Intuition Problems, Moneyball, and the Four Step Method

Exercise and the Brain, the Naperville Experiment, Education and Alzheimer’s

Love and the Subconscious Mind

Daydreaming is Good for You


Compressed Natural Gas Prices, Implications for the U.S. and Your Budget

Fool’s Gold, Gillian Tett, Credit, Risk and Foresight

California Cap and Trade, Sea Level Increase and Deep Geothermal

Alpha Women and Foresight

Greece, Black Friday and the Elephant in the Room

Management, Japanese Style



The Impact of Online Dating Sites by Natra Van Chau

Over the years, one thing I’ve noticed is that there are more commercials that appear telling viewers to sign up for some online dating site. Sites like ChristianMingle.com and Match.com seem to make very frequent appearances no matter what channel you’re watching. This has me wondering, what will the dating scene be like in the …

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Wrinkles and Experimenting With Collagen

        Collagen triple helix We have previously discussed the subject of collagen, and its possible effect on joint soreness and stiffness. In the few weeks since I’ve been using a hydrolyzed collagen supplement there appears to be some benefit. This blog will attempt to explain some of the science but also how others have …

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